The very start of this blog- an interesting cycle ride

Today I am attempting to write for you the first ever blog post. I am sat in my room contemplating what to write…. hmmm. Well shortly I will be going out to meet some friends who live on the other side of the city so I think I shall start with that…
I will be travelling on Ernie; my folding bike across Winchester. Along the way I have to navigate steep pot-holed roads and go through some of the more quainter parts of the city including the famous Winchester College. I find this part of the area quite interesting as all the buildings along Kingsgate Road all seem to belong to Winchester College- they’re lovely buildings too and seem to immerse you in a much older era of Winchester. The streets are also quite narrow too which can cause a bit of excitement when weaving through traffic. All in all it’s a lovely 2.2 mile ride, and although it’s quite chilly outside, it’s also really sunny- perfect! I thought I’d include a map of roughly where I’ll be cycling.


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