Just a thought before I go to bed….

Some of you may be wondering why on earth I’ve created a blog about some cycling and some history stuff. Well I’ve pondered and come across a very inconvenient truth…
…it’s because I want to become the next Adam-Hart Davis; I am going to end up riding around on my bicycle and wearing pink lycra while yelling at you some bizarre history facts- what an influence he’s been on me!

This is how I am going to end up :-S Warning: this clip is from the Mitchell And Webb Look comedy series and so does feature some adult humour

If you’ve lived in a cardboard box for the past 30 years or have stopped being a Plymouth Brethren and don’t know who this legend of a historian-commuter is, this is a website I’ve found all about him. It also features photos of when he rode around in brightly coloured lycra! Enjoy.


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