Where I actually went!

In my previous post I wrote about my cycle route that was planned to go through the streets of Winchester college.

Instead… I went along a country road… a really busy one :-/ However, it was really picturesque and on top of that I found a cycle path! Woo! It only went for about a 1/3 of  a mile but it was awesome and went through the park & ride. I was pleased to note that there were free bicycle to use but I’m still not quite sure how can get one out of the locked cage. I may post some photos of them in the future.

The weather was certainly chilly and on the way back after panting and puffing up the hill I couldn’t feel my fingers. I also realised that where I was cycling had no lighting which has never occurred to me before. Fortunately I could be seen but it did make me realise how I take street lighting for granted when it come to visibility.

Let’s hope there’s not too much ice on the roads tomorrow when I cycle to uni.

This is the new exciting way:

However that route isn’t exactly correct- the cycle path is the diagonal lane going towards the ark and ride car park. It’s quite weird cycling through there at night. I’m not sure if it saved me time but it did seem to allow me to avoid slogging up a really big hill- I try and avoid those as much as possible:


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