Ernie Gets a Wash!

I decided it had been far too long since I gave Ernie a good clean- I do try to clean him every time I take him out at this time of the year due to the grit but he’d lost his shine and then today I got him caked in mud :-S

So here’s what I did and what you can do to keep your Brompton in tip top squeaky clean condition:

1: Rinse- use a hose and blast out off the mud/dirt/grit/dead rodents from the bike frame, the wheels, and the mudguards.

2: Soapy wash- Your bike will love this. Get a bucket of hot soapy water and begin to clean the frame, then the pedals, cranks and parts that are nearer the wheels.  Then finally wash the wheels. The reason for this order was so that I did not scratch the frame from debris that may have accumulated on the wheels.

3: Rinse- Hose down your bike and leave to dry…

4: Reapply- reapply oil to your chains, mech and any other area that needs lubrication as you may have washed it off.

…which reminds me I must do that before I ride my bike again :-S

If done semi-regularly you should have one happy two wheeled companion.


One response to “Ernie Gets a Wash!

  1. I think you are on the way to becoming a world phenomenon!!

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