Adventures With Ernie On Pancake Day!

Today I have ridden just over 4 miles and quite an eventful 4 miles they have been!

I began by riding to university this morning which is 1 mile exactly and whilst riding down Wavell way a strange crunching noise was being made by my back wheel. I had to pull over and check and it turned out that my rear wheel was rubbing against the mud guard- I adjusted it and set off although that made me late for my lecture! Grrrrrr…

On the way back home I had to cycle up Stanmore lane with a large lorry behind me which was a bit scary. I kept my cool and made it alive to the top of the hill (I will go out tomorrow and take a picture of the juggernaut that I have to fight everyday to get home). Below is an artistic impression of what the scene was like.

So anyway after having a little nap I set off again with my housemates to go shopping. We tend to do our food shop every week and this is when a folding bike becomes so useful. As soon as we cycled  to the supermarket (which is approximately half a mile) I fold up my bike, put the cover on it and place it neatly in the shopping trolley. When the shopping is done I unfold the bike load it up with the bags (I have a Brompton C Type Bag and a rucksack) and place some items on the rear rack- today I had my housemates box of washing detergent. The only thing I am mindful of is overloading my bike but I haven’t carried enough yet to warrant my fears.

So after unloading all the shopping I had a short break in which to enjoy some chocolate cake with my housemates. The best thing about it was that it was reduced! yeeeaaah!!! With a tummy full of joyous chocolate cake I embarked on my final journey… to the church! I had been asked if I would like to help clear the basement at Winchester City Church after all the work that has been going on there. The only problem with this journey was that it was raining and I’m not the biggest fan of being pelted by water in the face or getting my jeans soaked (I couldn’t find my waterproof trousers). All was going quite well until the I reached the city centre when people started walking out into the road in front of me; I deterred one lady by ringing my bell and seconds later managed to narrowly avoid a second woman… scary stuff! The funniest thing is that I apologised to the woman who I just missed when it wasn’t my fault. I was highly visible but it’s at that point of the day when people aren’t alert to anything smaller than a car- so if you’re a pedestrian reading this please look properly when stepping out in front of the road because it will hurt both the rider and you if you step out in front! Yikes! Well in the end I made it to church alive and the pedestrian managed to cross the road safely as well. After clearing the basement and eating copious amounts of pancakes (yum) I cheated and folded my bike up, put it in the boot of my pastors car and was driven home- another advantage of a folding bike! What a fun-filled day…


One response to “Adventures With Ernie On Pancake Day!

  1. I think you should take Ernie for a ride on a train. From what I have seen over the last few days Ernie’s brothers and sisters really enjoy a train ride!

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