Big Phil’s Random Thought Of The Day… Gatling Guns!

I’m sat in the learning cafe (Ernie’s folded up next to me- for you Ernie followers) killing a bit of time. I’ve just been thinking of Gatling guns so here are a few YouTube clips to show you how awesome they are! The first clip is a gatling gun vs a tree. Enjoy.
And this is the Goalkeeper CIWS Gun System that is used on most naval ships.

A Gatling gun works, to my knowledge, by spinning multiple barrels which are individually and then fired. It almost works in the same way as a revolver does.
This video will explain it a lot better than I do

The only problem is that these are used on human beings which saddens me.


4 responses to “Big Phil’s Random Thought Of The Day… Gatling Guns!

  1. Dear Phil and Ernie,

    Why oh why are these thoughts in your head???? Ernie….please don’t let Big Phil attach any of these to you…….he would be taken away and you would end up in the crusher!!!

    A xx

  2. Philip, my best friend; how about the joys of ICBM’s? They are one hell of a riot!!!! Singular payload or multiple payload?! Hahahahahha. You could even incorporate nuclear warheads, but those are so very dangerous. Hmmm, maybe just that awesome remote controlled tank I saw on the discovery channel, would be sufficient. Or maybe the first ever shotgun designed, from the ground up, by the American military; the AA12 Automatic Shotgun. It does 300 rounds per minute, if I remember correctly. Hahahahaha. I hope they can make those delicious long-range solid state lasers that they plan on putting in hercules gunships, or some other large plane, to hit targets with high accuracy!!!

    PS: this drunken riot of a comment was brought to you by Philips best friend. HAVE FUN ALL YOU COOL CATS AND KITTENS!!! I, for one, am a kitten. If all you lovely people who think you are a cool kitten are a little discouraged by that, do not forget that us kittens have NASTY pin-like claws and teeth to really do some crazy damage!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gatling guns are beautiful harbingers of destruction!

  4. what goes on in your head that you randomly thought of Catling guns??? Still pretty cool…I love mythbusters 🙂 These videos make me want to go to the shooting range…darn it….

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