New Bass Amp, New Category!

Hello all I thought I would celebrate buying a new bass amp by dedicating a whole new category to my blog on music. I’ve already featured a few articles on music with the Inspirational Artists posts but I think as music plays such a large part in my life I would have to have another category. So I think this category will be called ‘Big Bass, Big Sound, Big Phil… It’s in the name!’ which is my tagline 😀 (and it features on the side of my bass case).

Before I go onto this new amp I bought I thought I would let you know more about my musical exploits. I am a grade 5 flautist (someone who plays flute) and have been playing since I was 9- if only my playing reflected this. I had an excellent flute teacher who tried his very best to tutor me. Unfortunately I did hardly any practicing and thought the flute was a bit uncool- it seemed it was a girls instrument although having a male flute teacher should have been a bit more inspirational for me. That was where I got the ‘bassics’ of music from (actually it was a lot more than that- I gained an invaluable knowledge and insight into music- just wished I’d tried a little harder). When I was in secondary school I really wanted to play bass guitar as I loved the deep sound and the rhythms that were made. I also liked the idea of being in a band which was something that did not seem possible when playing the flute; flute playing in my eyes seemed orchestral and only playable in a band if I were at church- but it was definately not involved in the style of music which I loved. Anyway, I wasn’t allowed a bass guitar at the time. When I left 6th form I was bought a bass guitar as a present and kind of twiddled around with it as I didn’t understand what I was doing! I learnt where all the notes were on the fretboard and then learnt… we could be here for a long time… but in November/ December 2008 I started playing in the band at City Church Winchester. I play along with some fantastic musicians but they guy I have to give credit to is the drummer- he’s very competent as he must have been playing for about 20 years and we just lock in with each other extremely well. So yeah! That’s a little (erm..) background information on my music. I haven’t given up the flute- I still play it on occasions at City Church- and I hope to go busking in the summertime. Street performance are something I’m getting very interested in and excited about but there will be more blogs on that soon…

Its quite small but weighs a ton!

Anyway onto the new bass amp. For the past couple of years I have been using a Marshall 15 watt practice amp because it was what I needed at the time to get started. At church it wasn’t really powerful enough, even when plugged into the PA system so I resorted to using the keyboard amp. That amp, however, could not plug into the PA system and it just wasn’t bassy enough” (any bass player will know what I mean). So with my birthday money I bought on Sunday an Ashdown 180w Evo II combo- it was an absolute bargain as those range of amps have been replaced by the Evo III amps and this was a display model. It sounds beautiful and it looks really cool- it’s also really loud!!! 😀 It suits all my needs as it has a line out but is powerful enough to play at big venues. I love performing in a band so the idea is that I could be available to play for anyone who needs me which was not achievable before with a small tinny amp.

Bring on the bass!!!


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