Washing Machine + Underwire Bra = Disaster??

Good news everyone our household have received a new washing machine! It’s a rather beautiful moment as we can now wash our own clothes again- up to 6kg of it a time! 

Our new washing machine

Anyway, whilst I was thumbing through the manual, which is always important, I was reading through a list of don’t. To my shock one of them read DO NOT wash underwired bras. This somewhat upset me as I realise there is a real need amongst women to wash their bras on a regular basis. How are they meant to do this? How are they meant to survive? Why should they have to ruin their soft and delicate hands through hand washing? Oh the pain, the pain of it all! 

So I want to know what you would do! Please comment or partake in my poll. 

“Together we will wash the bras of the nation!”  Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats 


One response to “Washing Machine + Underwire Bra = Disaster??

  1. Phil lol you are so funny! If you put your bras in a pillowcase then the wires can’t get caught in the machine should they come loose! Most girls I know just put them in the machine regardless =) I hope this eases your concerns and now you know what to do should you ever feel the need to try it out first hand! xx

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