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I won!

I won!


Lego or K’nex… Poll Time!

As the world falls apart all around you, which would you prefer to play with?



Vote away!

Coffee break thought- 7 Improvements for a Brompton

While sipping at my hot beverage; a large skinny hazelnut latte (haha I love writing blogs and trying to be cosmopolitan!) I was thinking of five improvements that could be made to Bromptons. Some serious, some not- but either way should be considered.

1. Respoking of the back wheel. The number one problem with Bromptons is that the spokes on the back wheel can break if the roads are bumpy or the rider hasn’t reached peak physical performance a.k.a is chubby. This is a nightmare- when one one spoke goes- they all go! So to combat this I had the spokes crossed. This is the old fashioned way of doing it and spoking machines (according to the man who respoked it) cannot do this. However since I have had the spokes crossed I have not had any spokes broken- so far!

2. Sound system. I could put a battery powered cd player on the rack but it wouldn’t annoy people enough. I need a sub-woofer and proper speakers.

3. Flames- flame decals? I think many urban businessmen want to get pimp out their rides and a good way to start is an awesome colour scheme. Brompton already do a lot of colours but nothing that gives out the impression that one likes to ride with gangstas. Think Fast and the Furious meets Urban Commuting.  That ride is so low and dirty!

4. A bike lock contraption. Have a really strong lock that will allow the bike to be attached to something when it’s folded up.

5. Built in straps. As soon as the bike is folded up just carry it on your back. It’s really tiring sometimes carrying it by hand up several flights of stairs.

6. Hands-free mobile kit with bluetooth voice command. Gone are the days where you could gaffa tape your phone to the helmet- now you can manoeuvre your schedule around in the same way you manoeuvre around the traffic in the busy cities with both hands on the handlebar- and whilst looking stylish!

7. Cup-holder. Nothing says “I’ll grab a grande extra-hot skinny sugar-free caramel extra-strong de-decaffeinated machiato to go” more than a cup-holder! Have one on the handlebar stem next to the Hands-free kit with Bluetooth voice command and you’ll be zipping and sipping along the bus lane on your busy Monday morning commute.

So Brompton check these ideas out and your production demand will drastically improve. Congratulations so far on an excellent sales performance so far!

The humble cup-holder. Making early morning commutes bearable

Marshall Bass Amp For Sale

Hello dear readers!

Thought I’d let you know that I have my first bass amp for sale on Ebay but it will end at 9.46pm tonight. So if you’re a budding bassist who would like a really good practice amp to start with- then here’s a bargain for you!

Click on the screenshot below to get to the bidding page.

Washing Machine + Underwire Bra = Disaster??

Good news everyone our household have received a new washing machine! It’s a rather beautiful moment as we can now wash our own clothes again- up to 6kg of it a time! 

Our new washing machine

Anyway, whilst I was thumbing through the manual, which is always important, I was reading through a list of don’t. To my shock one of them read DO NOT wash underwired bras. This somewhat upset me as I realise there is a real need amongst women to wash their bras on a regular basis. How are they meant to do this? How are they meant to survive? Why should they have to ruin their soft and delicate hands through hand washing? Oh the pain, the pain of it all! 

So I want to know what you would do! Please comment or partake in my poll. 

“Together we will wash the bras of the nation!”  Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats 

Is Bob Dylan imitating Frank from Shameless?

Here is Frank at Christmas time (I would put a video up of Frank in action but I can’t or my blog would be certified as mature and my housemate with his parent block wouldn’t be allowed to view it):

Here is Bob at Christmas time

Is it me or is there a similarity between the two? Has Bob been watching Shameless? I’ll leave you to decide 😀

Happy belated Christmas!

Sperm Donation… Inbred Nation?

I was just thinking about the ethics of sperm donating.

Here is a story to explain my worries.

MR A donates his sperm (which goes to MRS B).  At the same time or sometime after MR A has sexual relations with MRS A and produces MASTER A (in this  time MRS B produces MISS B). One day MASTER A and MISS B meet each other, have sexual relations and produces…. oh good lord inbreeding has occurred AAAAAGH!!!

Just a thought and highly unlikely… but still possible!