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As the world falls apart all around you, which would you prefer to play with?



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Austerity to Affluence Revision

For those of you being redirected to my site for Austerity to Affluence revision I have a couple of posts that could help. Click on the links below.

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MPs Given Bromptons!

So here we have it- government official folding bikes! It kinda makes up for the cuts in Public Transport, although maybe not, because I still lose out and they have equal the amount of fun that I do. Thanks goes to @nellyagain on twitter for highlighting this in the first place.

Do you think they’ll adapt that red treasury briefcase to fit on the front Luggage clip. There is definitely a benefit to having a Brompton in government if you get too tired you can fold the Brompton up and place it in the back of the Jaguar.

I wonder how successful this will be?

Showers of Thoughts… With a sparkly new Poll!!

I can now safely say that I am an all-weather-cycle-commuter- be it sunshine, rain, hail, heavy winds, snow and ice, I have ridden through it (until it got too severe). But over the past couple of weeks in this lovely hot weather I’ve really been getting my sweat on. It’s not too much of a problem because most students smell and in the shop I work at you can only smell the pasties.

However what about those inner city people whose body odour must be none existant in their numerous board meetings?

Would such a thing be obscene in a place of work?

How about showers?

I think, and I could be wrong in which case I could be soon corrected, Wiltshire County Council has showers at their offices. Wouldn’t it be great if cycle-commuters could have a quick shower before they began working their shift at any office? Of course, my ideas are highly unlikely to heard (although Coca Cola mixed with Cherry Sourz was unavailable and untasted anywhere until I once ordered it in Jax in Chippenham and now I can order it everywhere… I never get credit for that)  and this is only in the early stages but I think the idea, although distant and weird, could one day be feasible. There are three reasons for my logic:

The Equivalent of a Multi-story Car Park

1. The car park. Was there such a thing as a building several stories high for the simple utility of storing a car before the car was invented? No. Such buildings came about because there was an increasing demand for a place where the future of transport could be stored. So if cycling becomes really popular and becomes the new future of our transport will places be built for the housing and services of the people and their bikes. Already in some cities large parking areas for bikes are becoming available- could showers be viable too….

The Automated Toilet. At the moment I'm too scared to use one.

2. The Automated Toilet. Ah the humble toilet! But in automatic form- you mean no-one cleans it?– no sir, hence it’s automatic! Yes indeed. Such Post-Modern design gives me hope that a shower version could be made. Perhaps it could wash, soap and dry you at the press of a button and afterwards clean itself (don’t you hate it when you find a foreign hair lurking in the shower). My dream would be that on a hot and sunny day when you’re that little bit sweaty- well saturated and it’s evidently dripping off your face- you can park your bike up in the multi storey bike park and jump in and have a shower, get changed and carry on with your business filled day. Of course timing might be an issue- how long do be shower for on average- I’ve known people take over an hour and they shall remain nameless, or below 5 minutes. How long do you give people to get changed?

Please note the two Brompton riders

3. The apparent urge for people to use their cars less. If people were serious about ditching their cars they’d stop making so many excuses. Being sweaty is one of them. Unless you live in the town of Bedrock you’re unlikely to make so much effort and energy to make your car move. Steering can sometimes require energy and so can putting your foot down on a clutch and the brake but not enough to make yourself sweat; even then you may be able to put the air- con on. Going in a car is sweat free so why ditch the car and get all sweaty in that hot, hot sun? I believe incentives are needed to make people want to cycle instead, to try to persuade them to at least give it a try and in my deepest thoughts I came up with showers!

Or, alternatively, we could just live the fact that human beings smell and realise that all this nice smelly stuff (which I do love) is just a marketing ploy… but that’s another topic!


Look what I found!

Whilst going through a comedy website I found this idea and thought it was genius!

It will stop oil going on your trousers from the chain or your trousers getting caught in the gearing- or in the case of a Brompton- getting your trousers caught on the little wheels that lets the bike roll when folded up (nearly caused my Dad to crash :-S )

Clever people!

Coffee break thought- 7 Improvements for a Brompton

While sipping at my hot beverage; a large skinny hazelnut latte (haha I love writing blogs and trying to be cosmopolitan!) I was thinking of five improvements that could be made to Bromptons. Some serious, some not- but either way should be considered.

1. Respoking of the back wheel. The number one problem with Bromptons is that the spokes on the back wheel can break if the roads are bumpy or the rider hasn’t reached peak physical performance a.k.a is chubby. This is a nightmare- when one one spoke goes- they all go! So to combat this I had the spokes crossed. This is the old fashioned way of doing it and spoking machines (according to the man who respoked it) cannot do this. However since I have had the spokes crossed I have not had any spokes broken- so far!

2. Sound system. I could put a battery powered cd player on the rack but it wouldn’t annoy people enough. I need a sub-woofer and proper speakers.

3. Flames- flame decals? I think many urban businessmen want to get pimp out their rides and a good way to start is an awesome colour scheme. Brompton already do a lot of colours but nothing that gives out the impression that one likes to ride with gangstas. Think Fast and the Furious meets Urban Commuting.  That ride is so low and dirty!

4. A bike lock contraption. Have a really strong lock that will allow the bike to be attached to something when it’s folded up.

5. Built in straps. As soon as the bike is folded up just carry it on your back. It’s really tiring sometimes carrying it by hand up several flights of stairs.

6. Hands-free mobile kit with bluetooth voice command. Gone are the days where you could gaffa tape your phone to the helmet- now you can manoeuvre your schedule around in the same way you manoeuvre around the traffic in the busy cities with both hands on the handlebar- and whilst looking stylish!

7. Cup-holder. Nothing says “I’ll grab a grande extra-hot skinny sugar-free caramel extra-strong de-decaffeinated machiato to go” more than a cup-holder! Have one on the handlebar stem next to the Hands-free kit with Bluetooth voice command and you’ll be zipping and sipping along the bus lane on your busy Monday morning commute.

So Brompton check these ideas out and your production demand will drastically improve. Congratulations so far on an excellent sales performance so far!

The humble cup-holder. Making early morning commutes bearable

Marshall Bass Amp For Sale

Hello dear readers!

Thought I’d let you know that I have my first bass amp for sale on Ebay but it will end at 9.46pm tonight. So if you’re a budding bassist who would like a really good practice amp to start with- then here’s a bargain for you!

Click on the screenshot below to get to the bidding page.