About BIG Phil


My actual name is Philip Morgan and I am a 20 year old student at Winchester       University study for a History degree!

In my spare time I love to dabble in a bit of amateur photography, play bass and flute at my local church and ride my Brompton folding bike which I have named Ernie! I mainly use my bike for commuting but I plan on going on some adventures soon.

I love living in Winchester, as although I am only meant to be studying here, I really do not want to leave. It is one of the smaller historical cities situated in a beautiful and very idyllic area – it makes the house prices more expensive (thank you so much Location, Location, Location) but hopefully I will stay here for as long as I can.

One of my favourite places to go to get away from it all is actually Wales. I love north Wales- Powys and Snowdonia areas especially.  It’s really tranquil and scenic and full of lots of little trains everywhere- which rather gives away my more secretive hobby- I do love railways!

Well that is the most random information I could write about myself without sounding like a complete self indulgent jerk. Over time I aim to refine everything on this site as I am new to all of this blogging.

Have fun and stay safe!


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